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Coffee from Sumatra is typically heavy-bodied, extremely low acid, and very earthy and herbal. This Sumatra Organic Fair Trade typifies the classic profile. The cup is very earthy on the front end, with notes of grass and mint. The sweetness comes out in the second half of the cup, where the chocolate cake and stout notes appear and lead into a long, smooth finish. You won't find any acidity here, and this coffee is great if the acidity in coffee doesn't agree with you. 

Roast Color: Dark

Cupping Notes: Chocolate Cake, Stout, Earthy

Story: Aceh (pronounced AH-CHEY) is the northernmost province of Sumatra. Its highland territory, surrounding Lake Tawar and the central city of Takengon, is considered to be the epicenter of one of the world’s most unique coffee terroirs. Coffee farms in this area are managed with the experience of many generations of cultivation, while also harmoniously woven into their surrounding tropical forests. The canopies are loud and fields are almost impenetrably thick with coffee plants, fruit trees, and vegetables, all of which are constantly flushing with new growth. Year-round mists and rain showers never cease, farm floors are spongy and deep with layered biomass, and almost every square meter of the region seems to exude life. 

Farmers in this group are organized around the Gayo Lauser Antara cooperative (shortened to KPGLA), which was first established in 2013. KPGLA is located, along with its grower members, in the Jagong Jeget district, on the western end of the Aceh Tengah regency, one of Aceh’s most prolific coffee producing areas. Collectively the cooperative’s members control 770 hectares of farmland. KPGLA, along with many local industries in the region, identifies itself as “Gayo”, after the Gayonese ethnic group which has long made Aceh their home, and which comprises a vast majority of farmer members. KPGLA regularly distributes farming tools and cash dividends to cooperative members, as well as school supplies for families with schoolchildren. 

Customer Reviews

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A full bodied cup

One of my favorite breakfast cups, strong but low acid, good flavor.

Charles Levy
A great cuppa coffee

I don't do "note-speak." What I like in a cup of coffee is a robust flavor and low acidity. This fills the bill for me. All my favorite beans are from the Indonesian islands, with the exception of the Peru Dark Organic. Also recommended if you like this coffee: Celebes, which is similar but possibly a little milder, at least sniffing the roasted beans.

Karen Golden
the best

this is the best coffee there is - as far as I'm concerned. Since I moved from California I still have it shipped to me. Love it. I did a painting celebrating it.

Smooth Rich

This is a lovely cup of coffee. I sometime mix with Narsai blend as the espresso machine doesn’t like the super oily bean. Sumatra is full bodied and delicious no bitterness

Jay Kaneshige
A great find...

We grabbed some pastries at La Farine Bakery on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. On my way out, I saw shelves of this McLaughlin Coffee and their Dark Organic Sumatra beans caught me eye. Rich, smooth and not acidic ... this coffee hits all notes for a great brew!

Neal Rubin

I love to impress my visiting picky family with your Sumatra dark roast.

Rebecca D
A Real Crowd Pleaser

I discovered this coffee at an event that Larry (another reviewer here) attended. He was serving this coffee and the whole group of we 12+ discerning coffee drinkers all agreed it was hands-down delish. I have since made it my home brew, and “go-to” for all social group gatherings. It truly is a crowd-pleaser and I am now a daily fan. Thanks, McLaughlin, for creating this special treat!

David H Silberman
Go-To roast for espresso and espresso based drinks

Robust without any bitter aftertaste; very satisfying in cappuccinos and lattes.

Best coffee for donuts; Perfect for Vietnamese iced coffee

Light roasts are the latest trend here in the Bay Area. They have their place, but most of my home coffee-making is on weekends after stopping at the local donut shop for some delicious plain cake donuts. In these situations what I really want is a full-bodied, smoky dark roast, and this Sumatra fits the bill perfectly. The beans are a little larger than the usual local roasters’ offerings, and the larger size combined with the oiliness of the beans requires a little more care and attention from my burr grinder in order to avoid clogging up the hopper, but oh man, it is worth it. This coffee pairs perfectly with the fried-sweet-pastry goodness of donuts. Also ideal for Vietnamese style iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. If you’re a fan of darker roasts, this is the one!

larry cohen
If you like flavor: As Good As It Gets

I had to write a review. No matter how many coffees my curiosity leads me to try, even beyond McLaughlin, I keep coming back to Sumatra Organic. Its strong and very flavorful but never bitter. When I prepare for my friends they all say it is the best coffee they have ever tasted.- so its suitable for diverse drinkers And its organic, which I consider critical and fair trade which is critical for other reasons.

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