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For a light roast, this coffee’s acidity is not overpowering by any means. It begins with a tart berry punch and finishes with a sweet, cane sugar flavor on the palate. It is extremely well-balanced and is a McLaughlin Coffee employee favorite among our lighter roasts.

Roast Color: Light

Cupping Notes: Red Berry, Cane Sugar, Orange

*Recommended For Cold Brew*

Cold Brew Notes: Sweet Chocolate, Tropical Fruit, Light Body

Story: More than 450 families with farms that average just a few acres in size work together through a cooperative called the Association of Special Coffee Producers of Huehuetenango (ASOPCE). Each family uses their own micro-mill to process their harvest, which allows for meticulous care in cherry selection, depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. Through ASOPCE, producers have gained access to technical assistance for managing their farms with the best agricultural practices. Using materials like coffee pulp to make organic fertilizers has helped reduce the transportation costs associated with purchasing fertilizer from afar, and at the same time, creates an abundant source of fertilizer that ensures better yields and quality. 

Customer Reviews

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It's just the best

I never considered myself a light roast drinker until I tried this. It is a beautifully balanced cup of coffee and is exactly what I want and need to start the morning.

Oliver Iberien
Wonderful, classic coffee

This is everything coffee should be. The taste is full and impeccably smooth, with not a trace of bitterness or ash-y ness. I'm revealing my age and affectations here, but this reminds me of good coffee I had in Vienna thirty years ago. No matter what other coffees I am drinking, I go through a bag of this a month, regardless. Thanks, McLaughlins, for producing this -- this is great coffee.

Shawn Ashkenasy

This is a great bean. Mark suggested the bean when I dropped in for my first time. I purchased my first bag two days ago. I have 60 oz, left.
It is a great light roast and perfect for pour over coffee. Smooth from start to finish. Nothing overpowering in the taste. I will need to stop in very soon for more.

El Mejor!

This is hands down my absolute favorite coffee! It's chocolate-y with a nice sparkle of brightness, but not to the point of being sour. Mmmmmm. The. Best.

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