Special Second Run: This coffee is, by far, the most asked about coffee of the month. People loved it in May and kept asking when it will be back, so we decided to bring it back for October!

This month's coffee of the month can be summed up in one word, sweet! It is wonderfully sweet throughout, with a medium body and low acidity. It has brown sugar sweetness in the front, notes of toast and pastry in the middle, and it finishes with a smooth milk chocolate finish. 

Roast Color: Medium-Dark

Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar, Toast, Milk Chocolate

Story: Finca Humana (the Human Farm) is the first thing you will hear about Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA). The well-being of humans is foundational to the COMSA philosophy and educating more than 1,500 producer-members to successfully live in harmony with nature is everywhere at COMSA. The trailblazing ideas for using organic matter to productively cultivate high quality coffee is only a sliver of what COMSA teaches about the power of nature through the Finca Humana philosophy. COMSA dedicates significant funding from the proceeds of coffee sales to run a cutting-edge international school dedicated to filling children’s minds with possibility and training them to be the future leaders of Finca Humana.

What makes it so good? The fundamentals: traceability to the Marcala region, which is a protected designation of origin; meticulous post-harvest hand sorting of cherry; cherry floating to remove less dense beans; proper fermentation; long drying times; and a healthy dose of the COMSA philosophy and training.