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Our coffee Six Pack Samplers are new this holiday season and ship for free! Try a variety of our custom blends or send the gift of great coffee to the coffee lovers in your life. Our Blends Six Pack Sampler includes 6 oz. bags of the following coffees: 

Abbie's Blend (Medium)Abbie's Blend is a blend of two coffees with a light body and above-average acidity. The acidity pops at the front with notes of dark berries. Our team noted flavors of blackberry and dark cherry. The middle of the cup is sweet with brown sugar flavors which meld into the long, sweet chocolate finish.

Breakfast Blend (Medium)We roast this blend to a medium color to add a subtle sharpness, for those mornings when you need a great coffee to get your day going. This blend is sweet with notes or orange with a little bit of the bitterness of the peel. Floral notes of hibiscus briefly pop in the middle of the cup and the finish continues with sweet notes of honey and citrus.

House Blend (Dark)Our House Blend is formulated to be full-bodied, well-balanced, and smooth in the finish. It is floral in the front of the cup, which quickly fades into dark chocolate and pepper notes. The finish is long and chocolately with notes of toasted nut. 

Max's Blend (Dark)Max's Blend is our signature roast. Designed to be bold, smokey, and complex, this is by far our most popular coffee and has been a staple of the Bay Area for over 30 years. Max's is on the heavy side of body with very little acidity. The cup starts with an immediate punch of pepper spice. As the spice fades, dark chocolate notes appear with some dried fruit sweetness and notes of cedar. The finish is very long, bold, and smokey with notes of peaty scotch. 

Mocha Java (Light)Our Mocha Java is light bodied, mild and very balanced through the cup. It has a lot of sweetness for a light roast. The sweetness hits you right at the beginning of the cup, followed by a hint of cashew nuttiness, and finishing with the tartness of strawberry and lime. The lime becomes more prominent as the cup cools a bit.

Red Sea Blend (Dark)Our Red Sea Blend is intense and bold. It is dry on the palate, full bodied, and low in acidity. The dark chocolate bitterness pops at the beginning of the cup, followed by smokey red wine notes and dry mouthfeel. That dryness continues into the long, smokey finish, where a touch of chocolate sweetness appears to slightly balance out the boldness.

The Blends Coffee Six Pack is packaged in a special mailer box and we are happy to include a custom gift note. If you do want a note added, just type your message in the "Special Instructions" box at checkout.

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