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Our featured coffee for February is a rich and sweet cup from the Ducurai village in East Timor. This roast has honey sweetness with a nice body and very pleasant acidity. Notes of honey are present throughout the cup, especially into the finish. The acidity develops in the middle with notes of lemonade which pop and then fade fairly quickly. The subtle vanilla malt flavors begin to flourish toward the end of the cup and are overtaken by the very smooth, sweet honey finish.

Roast Color: Medium-Dark

Cupping Notes: Honey, Lemonade, Vanilla Malt

Story: Timor-Leste, or East Timor, takes up the eastern half of the greater Timor island, part of the Indonesian archipelago and not far from the northern coast of Australia. The Ermera municipality is one of the island’s highest in elevation and includes its highest peak, Tatamailau. This coffee is produced by 10 select farmers from the Ducurai village, whose group is called “Lebudu Kraik”, which translates to “lower wetlands” and comes from their particular location on the mountainside. Trees are tended to for decades, and due to the lofty, vine-like typica varieties throughout, coffee is often harvested by leaning long wooden ramps against the trunk so that pickers can access the sprawling canopy.

During harvest, coffee is picked by hand and processed at home on personal or shared pulping equipment, which is often hand-made using wood and textured metal discs. After fermenting in small personal containers, the coffee is dried on raised beds and constantly sorted for quality. In addition to coffee, Ducurai farmers also manage personal crops of taro and cassava, as well as pigs, goats, fowl, and cows. Many also have personal compost programs in addition to being organic certified. 

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