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Max's Blend is our signature roast. Designed to be bold, smokey, and complex, this is by far our most popular coffee and has been a staple of the Bay Area for over 30 years. Max's is on the heavy side of body with very little acidity. The cup starts with an immediate punch of smoke. As the smoke fades, dark chocolate notes appear with some dried fruit sweetness and notes of vanilla cream. The finish is very long, bold, and smokey with notes of peaty scotch. 

Roast Color: Dark

Cupping Notes: Smoked Cedar, Vanilla Cream, Dark Chocolate

Story: Circa 1987, Mike’s brother and cousin, Pete and Bob, came to him suggesting that they create a blend named after Bob’s son, Max. They all agreed that the blend needed to be something very special and should taste like no other coffee in the Bay Area. After numerous tastings, experimentations, and mad scientist-like moments, Max’s Blend was born. The final blend contained coffees from some of the most highly regarded coffee growing regions in the world. They found that Max’s Blend truly shined as a dark roast. For over 30 years, Max’s Blend has consistently been our best-selling coffee that we offer.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin McCalpin
Wife of 30 years continues to love it

Without a doubt, this coffee is my wife’s favorite. It makes her happy and that’s all that matters to me.

Tim Heermann
Best coffee. There is no comparison.

Having worked at a number of coffee houses I can tell you some of the Bay Areas most popular coffee shops serve this and pass it off as their own brand.
You get that Italian espresso blast without the acid burn. Just smooth rich coffee flavor.
Why open a coffee house and blow all kinds of money on atmosphere and then get roped into an obligatory contract with the mafia owned company that sold you the overpriced espresso machine, when you can take an empty white warehouse in the middle of nowhere and serve nothing but this using a hand pour melita and somehow people will find you?


Max's Blend has been my favorite for decades.

Delicious blend!

Thanks for the great blend, Max!


Best coffee blend I moved across the country and order it I love it so.

FIVE-STAR PRODUCT...and company!

I order Max's Blend from New York. I keep wanting to try some of the other lovely roasts, but somehow I always come back to Max. I just like the guy. Well-balanced, dark, and rich, and makes my day. How many guys can you say that about?


Great service, great coffee

Maggi Reiman
Love at first sip

I've drank a lot of coffee in the past 60 years and nothing can compare to Max Blend. I discovered it at an Oregon beach town on Labor Day and have been drinking it ever since. I won't drink anything else. It's THAT good!!! Got the whole bean & grind it yourself

Our favorite coffee for 30 years

My husband and I have been drinking Max’s for 30 years. We love to travel, but always miss our Max’s! Dark, rich, and delicious…tastes exactly right.

Scott Brown
Great tasting coffee

McLaughlin's max blend coffee is full bodied, rich tasting with a smooth finish. We received it as a gift in the summer and its has been our favorite coffee ever since.

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