Wholesale Coffee Service

Packaging wholesale coffee

Our wholesale coffee program has been our specialty for over 30+ years and it is the main focus of our business. We take pride in the quality of our coffee products. We have high standards when it comes to the green coffee we select to roast and we work very closely with our green importer to ensure we only buy Specialty coffees that meet our requirements.

We have a very diverse product selection which includes over 70 different coffees that we offer year-round. We can also provide you with other complementary products such as: tea, cups, java jackets, and filters. We deliver to coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and caterers in the San Francisco Bay Area and also work with distributors and coffee shops in other parts of California and the rest of the country. For our customers who are not in our deliverable area, we ship out our freshly roasted coffees daily via FedEx and USPS.

If you would like more information about our wholesale program and a full list of items that we offer, please call us at 510-428-2951 or contact Shaun directly at sales@mclaughlincoffee.com. We are open Monday - Friday 7 am to noon and 1-4 pm.

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30+ years of experience has helped us establish a great roasting process that highlights the full taste and flavor profiles of the coffees we offer. New customers coming to visit us for a tasting and tour are always pleasantly surprised by the clean cup and excellent flavor of our coffees. It's always such a pleasure to see their reaction as they try our coffee for the first time. It really makes it all worth it!


Shaun and Mark cupping coffee with Paddy

We believe that business relationships can be fun! If you are looking to open a coffee outlet, or looking for a change in your coffee program, we would love to have you down to our facility for a tour, tasting, and some laughs. Once you are working with us, we are happy to do occasional trainings and tastings with your staff. We believe that the more your baristas know about the process and where the coffee is coming from, the better they are equipped to answer questions and be more conscious about how they prepare the coffee.


We have a wide selection of coffees from around the world. We source our beans from regions like Africa, Indonesia, Central America, and South America. We have a diverse product line to ensure that we can meet any and all of your needs. We offer 70+ standard products which include: single-origin conventional coffees, espresso blends, decaf selections, specialty blends, certified organic single-origin coffees, blends, and certified fair trade coffees. We have a variety of roast colors from light to dark and take the time to experiment with roasts to determine which roast color we feel highlights the best taste profile of each coffee.

Specialty Coffee

Coffee cherries growing in El Salvador

There is coffee, there is Arabica coffee, and then there is Specialty coffee. Specialty coffees are grown in special climates, at high altitudes, and in particular soil conditions. The beans are distinctive because of their full taste and lack of defects. These ideal coffee-growing conditions create unique flavors and tastes that can only be found in coffees that are handled with care throughout the growing and roasting process. Since 1983, we have worked closely with our green importer to make sure that all of the coffees we bring in are Specialty grade and it makes a huge difference in the quality our coffees.

Custom Coffee Orders

We create custom blends for those looking for specific flavor profiles in their coffees. Do you like the body of a Sumatran coffee and the lingering berry finish of an Ethiopian coffee? We can customize a blend to fit your exact needs!

We also specialize in private label coffee. We can package vacuum-packed coffees in 12 oz., 16 oz., 2 lb. and 5 lb. bags. Do you have a label that you would like placed on a bag of coffee that you can then distribute? Just provide us with your label and consider it done!

If you want a fully customized order in large quantities, we will be happy to work with our importer to get the origin you need and roast it to the color you love.

Complementary Products

Our other products - Chai, Tea, Filters, Iced Tea, Cups, Lids, Chocolate

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all of your coffee-related needs. We distribute Mighty Leaf Tea, Guittard Chocolate, David Rio Chai products and many more to complement our coffee offerings. Why make an extra trip to the restaurant supply store when we can deliver directly to you? We have a great supply of paper products including: hot cups and lids (8oz., 12oz., and 16oz.), cold cups and lids (12oz. and 16oz.), napkins, multi-fold towels, java jackets, and filters for various brewer sizes. 

We know running a business is time consuming and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the supplies you need.

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