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Smooth, caramel finish with a thick, rich crema. We roast it to a medium-dark color which allows all of the bold flavors to come forth. The crema is unmatched with its velvety, caramel color and a rich, sweet flavor.

Roast Color: Medium-Dark 

Cupping Notes: Cocoa Powder, Heavy Cream

Story: In 2003, Shaun joined McLaughlin Coffee in a full-time role. One of his first projects was to work with Mike to create a new espresso blend that would stand on its own as an outstanding espresso. They were looking for something smooth and chocolatey that would appeal to the straight-up espresso connoisseur. From that Espresso Maximo® was born. Espresso Maximo® quickly became our most popular espresso roast and continues to be to this day. Not only does it excel on its own as an espresso, but its creaminess really lends itself to shine in lattes and mochas as well. 

Clarification on Label: Espresso Maximo has always been roasted darker than our normal Medium, but not dark enough to be considered Dark. We recently introduced the "Medium-Dark" roast color to clarify the difference. The labels on the Espresso Maximo bags will say "Medium" until we get new label stock printed. Don't worry, it's the same Espresso Maximo that you have grown to love over the last 15+ years!

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