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Our Red Sea Blend is intense and bold. It is dry on the palate, full bodied, and low in acidity. The dark chocolate bitterness pops at the beginning of the cup, followed by smokey rosemary notes and dry mouthfeel. That dryness continues into the long, smokey finish, where a touch of blackberry sweetness appears to slightly balance out the boldness.

Roast Color: Dark

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Blackberry, Rosemary

Story: The countries surrounding the Red Sea are known for producing some of the most unique and best coffees in the world. The region is the birthplace of coffee and has always been a favorite of coffee connoisseurs. We choose coffees from this area to create a bold and intense blend that is not for the feint of heart. This blend isn't for everyone, it is for the coffee drinker who loves a unique coffee experience. 

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Goodman
This is the one!

If you are a dark roast coffee person you'll be happy. It deserves the praise other reviewers give it. It is indeed a "knockout favorite", "perfect morning coffee", "worth shipping home". My search for a good cup of coffee stopped when I tasted this at home. I've been drinking Red Sea Blend for many years and am still enjoying every cup.

Love this full bodied roast

This is a rich, complex roast, perfect for my morning coffee.

Timothy English
my go-to

The only coffee I've ever found that made me love coffee more was Freed Teller & Freed's French Roast. Je ne parle pas terroir or anything like that but the subtle flavors in this very dark, very strong-flavored brew make it my current favorite. Every time I order a bag, I add a bag of another of McLaughlin's dark roasts, but haven't found anything as flavorful yet.

Susan Kester
A Knockout Favorite!

This is a dense, dark coffee, but remarkably well balanced and not heavy in the least bit. It has an incredibly unique terroir. And, it grinds up drier than most coffees. It's a knockout favorite!!

My absolute favorite

I first had this blend at Cole Coffee in Berkeley. It quickly became my favorite. Many years Later and a few towns away, I’m still ordering and having shipped home more frequently than any other coffee.

I Found My New House Favorite

I always thought that the aroma of the beans was an indicator if I’d like the finished brew.
I was wrong! I ordered this blend online, no idea of the aroma until I opened the bag. I reacted negatively to the smell, but so happy I persevered. I love this blend! Maybe the aroma played a part in the cupping note description online of “smokey”. But hey, I don’t know what that means in relation to Coffee, so I didn’t let that stop me from trying it. I get the toast and chocolate notes but disagree about the smoke. Red Sea makes a most satisfying cup.

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