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Yemen Mocca has an incredible fruity aroma as it brews. This coffee has a balanced acidity and a light body. The cup starts with sweet orange acidity and chocolate. As the acidity fades, the characteristic Yemen winey flavors develop and they linger into the dry finish. This is a unique coffee that will appeal to some, but not certainly not all. 

Roast Color: Medium

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Orange, Winey

Story: Yemen is rich in coffee history, as it is home to the world’s first commercially grown coffee. Today’s harvesting techniques are very similar to those used back in the 15th century. In Yemen, the dried cherry husks are actually more valuable than the beans themselves. Experienced agronomists visit Yemenese farmers to educate them on controlling and combatting any pests or plant disease. 

Customer Reviews

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My go-to coffee

This Viennese roasted coffee is a perfect example of what a roast profile can do for single origin beans. The first time I had this coffee, close to 30 years ago, I knew it was something special.

For preparing it, I stick to pourovers as pulling espresso shots with this seems to hide the complexity.

I think just for fun I should add that (as a craft roaster) I roast my coffees to full city + and have no shortage of beans to choose from. McLaughlin Roasters’ Yemen Mocca is my roast-of-choice for daily drinking.

Joel DiGirolamo

The bag of this coffee that we received was oily and obviously overroasted. The flavor of the beans had been roasted away.

Ben Haraami
My Daily Grind

This coffee is my daily morning coffee when it's available. The flavor is rich with a unique palette that I can't find anywhere else. These tiny, water-starved beans make it from the harsh environment of its origin to the US and get a very fine roasting treatment from McLaughlin C.R.Co.

When I serve this to guests they are surprised by the uniqueness of the scent and flavors. When I bring this on business trips and prepare pour-overs for my associates after lunch it never fails that they to know where I get my beans. Most notable is the scent. Opening the container is the first hint that there is something special here.

The fresh ground fragrance is thick with spices that evoke a feeling of walking through a souq on a hot afternoon with a lingering sweetness and surprising cabernet muskiness I've never found in any other coffee. The flavor has a distinct origin profile with a toasted, rounded finish you'd expect from the roast profile.

As a person who has enjoyed Yemeni coffees for the past 25 years, I can solidly recommend this if you want a bold experience from grind to cup.

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